Nina’s Notes

Nina’s Notes is my other website, designed for faculty in higher education and discussing ways to support adult students.


The 3C Framework for IDEAL Learning


This framework is built on understanding how learning and instruction are two separate processes.  Learning doesn’t always require instruction. Instruction doesn’t always lead to learning. In IDEAL situations these two processes balance each other.

IDEAL learning experiences

Instrinsic interest and dispositions for deeper learning are the foundations for IDEAL learning experiences in higher education. Learner-centered environment supports students’ engagement well beyond mere participation in learning activities. Learner agency can be supported by providing choices for learners, building the foundations for lifelong learning, that is ubiquitous and unbound.

Learning and instruction are not the two sides of the same coin, but two separate processes. Everyone learns without teaching. Most people learn better when taught. Yet, learning is so individual that we shouldn’t assume that what was taught was also learned. Learning is the essence of everyday living experiences [1].

I would love to help you create better learning experiences for your students.



Merriam, S. B. (2018). Adult learning theory. In K.Illeris (Ed.) Contemporary Theories of Learning: Learning Theorists… In Their Own Words. (pp.83-96). Routledge.


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